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Puy du Fou España to re-open in July 18th - Find out more

Our concept

Puy du Fou is a new generation of parks that originated in France and that showcases History via spectacular and moving shows.  On the 2019, 30 august Puy du Fou opened in Toledo with a concept seen nowhere else in the world, to bring the spectacular History of Spain to life.

Unforgettable experiences


A visit to Puy du Fou España promises exciting experiences families will never forget.
With their fast-paced action and spectacular special effects, our shows are designed to be like live movies. Emotional impact is always central to the Puy du Fou España concept.

Emotions first


Visitors must be drawn in to the poetry of a text, the beauty of a gesture, the purity of a piece of music, and so on.

Whether the audience bursts out laughing, jumps out of their skin in fright, or has tears running down their cheeks, every emotion is present at Puy du Fou España.

A unique feeling


The team at Puy du Fou España are always looking to create just the right atmosphere.
The aim is to touch the hearts of the audience and turn a show into an unforgettable experience.